Liebster Award 2018

Many thanks to Mike, from the Mike Has Thoughts blog, for nominating me for the Liebster Award 2018. I’ve enjoyed reading Mike’s thoughts and looking at his lovely family pictures and Instagram photos. Check out Mike’s blog here.

Rules for the Liebster Award 2018 are here by The Global Aussie.

On researching what the Liebster Award was about, I found the following: it is an award given by bloggers to other bloggers, it is meant as a compliment and not a chore and Liebster is a German word meaning sweetheart, beloved person or darling.

Its meaning may also have nothing to do with the naming of this award, but I prefer to believe that it does.

Leibster Award

Mike’s Questions To Me

What did you hope to accomplish with your blog?

I hope to honour the memory of my mother by sharing the journals, poems and letters she wrote during my childhood. I want to discover the person she was and share that with my family, friends and readers. It is a ‘warts and all’ account of life at that point in time. I hope readers will understand the language and references were in keeping with how people spoke in those days.

What is the most inspirational thing a friend has ever said to you?

I am constantly inspired by my friends and family – they love and support me. They have encouraged every change I have made in my life. Here is a quote I like:

“Creativity takes courage” Henri Matisse

Our past is what made us who we are today.  What is one event that you would say had a huge impact on your personality now?

Probably the death of my mother in 1985. It taught me to value those closest to me, to help others and to enjoy life without worrying too much about the future.

If you could live in another country for the next 10 years, where would you want to move to?

That’s a very long time to live somewhere completely different and I call Australia home. My family and friends live here and I wouldn’t want to leave them. There are many places in the world I would like to visit: France, Italy, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, Canada and parts of the USA. That’s just off the top of my head.

What is the soundtrack to your life?  Why does the album/song represent you?

Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now

“Because I’m having a good time, I’m having a ball!”

I have learned to live with change and being adaptable. My whole life has been a series of major and minor changes: my career, relationship, home and even the colour of my hair! For me it’s all about enjoying life, learning and discovering new people and places.

Pineapples on pizza?  Explain why your choice is the only correct option!

Pretty much anything goes in pizza toppings these days. My favourite is a simple pepperoni pizza. If the pineapple chunks were fresh and grilled, I would probably love it. Canned pineapple though? Nope.

Liebster Gold Award

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My Questions For You

  1. Why do you blog?
  2. If you could be a celebrity for a day, who would it be? Unless you are one already…?
  3. What is your most favourite thing to do when you are taking a break from writing or work?
  4. If you could only take two other people with you to live on Mars, who would they be?
  5. What movie is the story of your life? Why?
  6. If money was no object, where would you like to explore next?
  7. When do you feel the most happy?
  8. What do you see as your legacy?


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