My Mother’s Voice – Journal Series

Our family moved to the small coastal town of Emu Park in Queensland, Australia in 1969.

A series of journal entries of our life at that time, written by my mother from 1969 to 1985, will be shared for the first time via my blog. Her original journals will be transcribed, edited and names changed to protect family members. Tragically my mother suffered renal failure and after a prolonged struggle, passed away at the Rockhampton Base Hospital at the age of 47 on April 15th, 1985. She was waiting for a kidney transplant to become available and could wait not longer. At that point our lives changed forever. Her loss is still felt and mourned by those of us remaining.

After her death, I became the holder of two small boxes filled with her journals, poetry, letters and writing. At first it was painful to look through and I skimmed through the folders and journals. As time went by, I returned several times to browse through the writing contained in those boxes and in the process discovered that my mother was an extremely interesting, self-reflective person and quite a prolific writer. She had flaws like we all do. She was a wonderful, clever and resourceful mother. She laughed often and was generous of spirit. I felt I was getting to know the person she was much more deeply by reading her journals. I enjoyed reading what she thought of the world, her relationships, her hopes and  dreams and her fears for the future.

Fast forward to today and I have finally decided to share her journals with my family, my friends, those whose lives she touched and you dear reader of my blog. I also discovered a much bigger story prior to our family moving to Australia. When and whether that story will be shared remains to be seen…

I hope you can be uplifted, amused or helped in some way by my blog.

It is my gift to you.


I live in Australia on the Coal Coast between Sydney and Wollongong. I spent great chunks of my life studying, working as a mechanical engineer (initially in programming, design and analysis and then managing software development projects and consultants), raising four children, teaching in a primary school and working on a small film studio business.

I love the simple things in life – spending time with family and friends, watching movies, TV series and stand-up comedy, gardening, trying new recipes, reading, writing, walking, exploring, learning something new, practicing yoga and changing things up every few years.

My stories will come later.