109. Short Story – Journal Entry 7th Nov 1982 continued


Short Story Plan1

Man: His character is one of integrity, constancy, logic, justice and clear thinking. He is fair-haired, a face as handsome as Baldar without the beard or a Viking with the beard. He has a certain mixture of delicacy and clumsiness in his movement perhaps because of his large physique. He rarely complains and there is humour behind a grave and scholarly manner. He is sensuous when one gets to know him well and displays his glory to his mate, as breathtaking and gorgeous as a peacock in the twilight. Had a rotten childhood with insensitive, somewhat self-absorbed, uneducated middle-class parents. He was talked into marriage at an early age and his wife was unfaithful just before the marriage and again after. His second wife hurts him as well.

Woman: Had a wild, free, sensuous childhood but somewhat unhappy. She had an early marriage, many affairs and her first husband was somewhat stupid, insensitive, rapacious, somewhat like his mother. Her character is wilful, impulsive, quick-tempered and self-indulgent. She is a short-term thinker, fairly intelligent, easily hurt over the slightest insult real or imagined, sulky and speaks her mind without realising the effect of her words or actions.

Story: The love between a man and a woman who meet after ten years in other relationships, the love is strong and all-absorbing, full of wonder and education, laughter and satisfaction. Elaborate on the price paid for their love and their debt to the world…Konrad Z. Lorenz’s rat analogy. Before their marriage, then after being married, the bad patch and after the bad period. Decide what to expand and what is added to understand the action.


She2 makes me uneasy. There seems to be something not quite right about her. Allegedly, she was promiscuous in high school. She has a degree in philosophy, perhaps an ordinary first degree but she has read philosophy, sold real estate and many men were keen on her. She had an affair with a guy and antagonised his flatmates with her bossy ways, helping herself to things in the flat. I saw her at a disco where she danced with her friends and left him on his own most of the time. Now she is clerking in a library. Why? Foolish question, of course. The academic atmosphere and people would suit her. I hope she doesn’t hurt some poor sod who may be well educated yet inexperienced in the affairs of the heart.

Life is like swimming slowly in a murky pond and when something makes contact with your skin, your thoughts are distracted in a way that either delights or depresses you. Occasionally, very occasionally you find a clear patch of water, and everything becomes distinct, uncluttered and significant.

  1. Based on her own life and relationship.
  2. May refer to a librarian in Rockhampton.

Author: K.

Being here now.

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