7. Rain Poem – Journal Entry 17th Jun 1969

On Monday I walked along the beach. No-one was there except for two pelicans. They could well have been deformed cranes. They walked away, two ugly creatures in love with each other. Something about their rear view gave me a feeling of tenderness for their awkwardness and vulnerability.

The sterility of the town and the place we live in is slightly disappointing. Sterility in the sense of being devoid of such things as flowers in women’s hair, peanut sellers, betel juice squirted on the pavement benches, auto rickshaws and the smell of jasmine. Ah dear me, but still, there are things you don’t get on the Indian scene, like dear ladies (in powder and hat) selling raffle tickets, Aboriginal couples quietly talking to each other, meat shops with plastic fruit and Christmas decorations, supermarkets and fish and chip shops.

Poem by Gita 17th June 1969

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2 thoughts on “7. Rain Poem – Journal Entry 17th Jun 1969”

  1. Your mum certainly had a way with words….Her reflections & observations take me on a nostalgic journey with her. Reading each entry is like sitting down with a hot chocolate & a good book! ☺

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    1. Glad you are enjoying it as much as I am Tracey. Her journals definitely show her sense of humour. We would never have known what was happening at that time if she hadn’t taken the time to write it all down.


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