3. Sickle and Scythe – Journal Entry 10th Jun 1969

Winter days here seem beautiful days. I don’t know what makes the days so unbearably sweet. Today especially was glorious.

I hacked at the long thick grass. It looked so easy but really wasn’t and besides I don’t know how to handle a sickle. I own a sickle and Johnny owns a scythe, like real country-folk.

Of course after an hour’s work, Gareth and I lay on the newly turned earth.

It was happiness.


  • This journal entry is part of the My Mother’s Voice – Journal Series

Author: K.

Being here now.

3 thoughts on “3. Sickle and Scythe – Journal Entry 10th Jun 1969”

  1. The comment “like real country-folk” and owning a sickle just cracked me up.

    What a fantastic way to enjoy life after that hard yakka.

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    1. Can you imagine cutting the lawns with a sickle?
      Don’t know if I would last 10 minutes.


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