My Mother’s Voice – Journal Series

In 1969, our family settled in the small coastal town of Emu Park in Queensland, Australia, and in 1985, at 47 years of age, my mother passed away at Rockhampton Base Hospital with renal failure. She had been the glue that held our large family together. When my mother died, most of the remaining members of our family scattered to different parts of the country.

After her death, I received two small boxes filled with her journals, poetry, letters and writing. These precious journals from 1969 to 1985, contained an account of our daily lives, my mother’s hopes and dreams, and her fears for the future. I soon realised there was so much we did not know about her. After 33 years, I felt it was time to share them.

To my family, my friends, those whose lives she touched and you dear reader of my blog, please join me on a journey of discovery—it is my gift to you, in honour of my mother’s memory.


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